The harp is one of the most fascinating and oldest instruments in the world, dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. Harps have evolved since then and come in all sizes, ranging from 26 strings to 47 strings. You can learn to play this striking instrument by taking harp lessons from Sarah in the Bay Area.

Lessons are offered in increments of 30, 45, or 60 minutes, with lesson plans and repertoire varying for each student. Performance opportunities will be available throughout the year for those interested.



Lyon and Healy Harps
One of the most sought-after harp manufacturers;
Lyon and Healy provides exquisite harps, music,
and accessories

Vanderbilt Music
Provides music, recordings, and harp accessories

The name of the website says it all; provides history
of harps, music, books, recordings, and more

Harp Connection
Provides information on harp rentals, used harps,
new harps, financing, music, and much more

American Harp Society
All harpists claim membership to American
Harp Society; promotes the appreciation of the harp
as a musical instrument

Harp Column
Practical news for practical harpists